Wear A bolo like the best of them…

For me,Vincent Vega will always be John Travolta’s shining role in film. But with his decent into the dark world of scientology and his aviation obsession (he owns five private jets and his own runway) I feel like he doesn’t quite have the edge he use to.

But  I still feel it is important to honor the man who went from an all singing all dancing “bad boy” in Greece to one of the most iconic “bad ass mother fuckers” to grace our screens. To do this I have sourced some amazing vintage bolos.

So come and buy a Bolo, play Chuck Berry at full volume and pay your respects to a man who proved that dancing the twist will never lose its cool if done in style.


One Comment on “Wear A bolo like the best of them…”

  1. Perry Hicks says:

    Love the clip – Bolos not bad either! Keep me posted –

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