The Short Sleeved Shirt?

The short sleeved shirt is a bit of a minefield, personally I find it incredibly hard to make up my mind about this casual addition to a mans wardrobe. I am hoping these examples will highlight why…

Those men who shouldn’t….

Rainn Wilson in The Office

Mathew Perry in Friends.

Aaron Ruell in Napoloen Dynamite

and  Adam Sandler in his everyday life.


And then men who definitely should….


Charlie Sheen in Platoon. WINNING.

 Bruce Willis in Die Hard with Vengeance.


Jon Hamm in Mad Men

John Goodman in The Big Lebowski.

And Leonardo Dicaprio in Revolutionary Road. The man can do NOTHING wrong. I love him.


To my surprise I have found it a lot easier to think of men who could pull off the short sleeve than those who couldn’t. It seems, the one rule is, if you are a pretty awesome guy, like those above, then you can rock the look day and night. So, if you want to join the long line of men in short sleeve shirts who have gone before, then come on down and try one on for yourself.



Vintage Levis                                                            1970’s

1950’s                                                                              1950’s



One Comment on “The Short Sleeved Shirt?”

  1. Sarah Hicks says:

    I think Aaron Ruell works it actually

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