Men who know how to accessorise.

I just want to make it VERY clear when I say accessorise I don’t mean over stated rings, rosary bead necklaces with crosses dangling around the belly button or Alice bands (NO Beckham), what I am talking about is classic pieces like ties, bow ties and braces. They are timeless.

The following men know how it’s done.

Sean Connery. A bow tie, a cigarette, a gun and you’re golden.


Christina Bale. A bit of a Psycho but oh so slick.


Michael Madsen. His ability to make any piece of clothing look devastatingly cool blows my mind.


Every man has a bit of one of these men in them and can therefore pull off a classic male accessory.

So here is what I have to offer you…

Vintage Brace.

Vintage Bow Ties.

50’s, 60’s and 70’s Fabric and Wool knit ties.




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