Happy Birthday Bruce!

Before you start reading click the link below and let this play in the background. Set the mood.


Bruce Springsteen turns 62 today!

I love Brucie, his music never fails to make me smile and swing my hips like Carlton from Fresh Prince. He is so all American it’s hard to handle at times and like most all American men he loves his jeans. He wears them oh so well….

Much like my love for Bruce, my love for a good pair of jeans will never die which is why you’ll always find Classic Levis 501’s at threads (£19).

So if you do nothing else today, in honour of “the boss”, put on your best pair of jeans and a white t-shirt and watch the  video below.

(At 3mintues 20second Courtney Cox gets her first taste of fame)

And if you are still undecided about the short sleeved shirt issue I think this video will help you make up your mind.


Still gagging for more? Well below is a link to the ‘Leisure’ section of ‘The ultimate Bruce Springsteen tribute page since 1998’, on which you can test your Bruce knowledge or take part in their weekly poll. The fun is never ending when Springsteen is involved….



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