Pan Am…Am Dram?

I just watched the frist episode of Pan Am and I can tell you – almost everything about it is terrible. Everything except for the costumes.

It succeeded in making me want to be a woman in uniform which rarely happened now a days whilst walking the streets of London or boarding an easy jet flight to Glasgow.

So here is my attempt at the classic uniform (in this case for a P&O hostess).

Simple, well fitted and sexy…

1960’s Blue Cropped Jacket, 1960’s handbag, 1980’s red shoes, 1960’s blue gloves and velvet hat.

Now if you are going to attempt this at home remember, one of the most important parts of this kind of uniform, that will separate it from the kind of thing you might find in Ann Summers, is accessories. Hats and Gloves to be specific. Here are a few of the ones I have for you…

A selection of 1950’s and 1960’s Gloves and Hats


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