I always get huge joy lending clothing to stylist and photographers because they always look SO GOOD in the images they send me.

Recently I lent a 1950’s Brown Coat with faux fur collar, a 1960’s Tweed Coat and a 1970’s cream coat to Baud Postma, a brilliant photographer who is going places. And I am not just saying that because he is my brother.

The proof is in the print….

The 1950’s Brown with Faux  Fur Collar

The 1960’s Tweed

The 1970’s Cream

This photograph is of Thomas Charge Burke, lead singer of Citizens!, although he is not dressed by threads he is a regualr customer and this picture is so fly i couldn’t leave it out.

To see more of Baud’s work visit

And if you haven’t already heard Citizens! music do it NOW

All photographs by Baud Postma

Models- Whitney Coble, Thomas Charge Burke

If any other photographers or stylists are interested in borrowing clothes from threads please get in touch via e-mail


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