Magnum P.I.

My housemate came home the other day with a huge smile on her face…“Guess what I bought for us”….I was expecting/hoping it was a bottle of  Processco and our friend Dolly but instead she pulls out the complete box set of MAGNUM P.I.

I am not going to lie I was disappointed, but the feeling didn’t last long. I shouldn’t of been so quick to judge because the minute the opening credits started and I got a screen full of Tom Selleck and his thick, manly, moustache covered smile, I was hooked.

So obviously the next day I spent hours trying to dress my boyfriend up like Tom. It did not go down well. I managed to try a couple of Hawaiian shirts (a Magnum P.I. classic) and some Levis, that to be honest, simply weren’t tight or high waisted enough.

Here are some of the Hawaiian shirts I tried and now have in store (after the heartbreaking rejection they received)….

1950’s Shirt £22

1970’s shirt £22

1980’s Shirt £16

1980’s Shirt £14

1970’s Shirt £15

(this isn’t really a Hawaiian shirt but I liked the fact I could just about see my boyfriend’s tiny nipples through it, which made me laugh)

I am still working on getting him to grow a moustache but it will never match Tom’s so I think I’ll have to give up soon.

All of you, men, women and children, if you do one thing today, it should be to watch an episode of Magnum P.I. It is without a doubt one of the best things to of come out of the 80’s. Over the top, sexy in an unsubtly subtle way and hugely entertaining.

This post is dedicated to Sarah, without whom I would never of understood the sex appeal of a Hawaiian shirt and a moustache.  THANK YOU SARAH.


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