Baby it’s cold outside.

IT IS COLD, really cold. Every conversation I have had today has involved the cold weather in some way or another, there is no escaping it. Except with the postman, with him I made the same joke I have been making for the past year “hope you have something more exciting than bills for me today hahahaha”. He hates me.

So anyway let me help you brave the cold by wrapping you up in a nice woolly jumper. There is nothing better. But don’t be boring and buy a plain wool jumper form somewhere like Gap….because lets face it no one is as in to this guy


As this guy ….I mean, he provided most of our childhoods with more excitement than any other fictional character we were duped into believing in by those beckons of “honesty and trust” known as, our parents.


And wouldn’t you rather be in a David Lynch series like Twin Peaks ….


Than a rom com like The Holiday.


So follow Santa and Lucy Moran’s lead and buy something more unusual, fun and festive.

Here is what I have in store for you that would make them proud.

All the Jumpers are 100% wool

IMG_2235 IMG_2238

Wool Jumper £24,   1960’s wool jumper £28

IMG_2233  IMG_2240

Ski Jumper £30, Wool Jumper £26

IMG_2239  IMG_2231

Pendelton Wool Jumper £30, 1960’s Wool  jumper £30


1970’s wool jumper £28

Not forgetting the littles ones

IMG_2246    IMG_2245

1970’s wool cardigan £20, wool jumper £12

I will leave you today with the perfect song to finish off a cold winters day…



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