SAY YES… the Hawaiian shirt

At £15 you can’t really say no, can you? If you think you can then let me explain why every man needs a Hawaiian shirt in his wardrobe.

Firstly, spring has FINALLY arrived and if you are an English male you are soon going to get the overwhelming desire to take your shirt off while walking down Rye Lane drinking a Red Stripe, even though it still hasn’t got much hotter than a Spanish winter. But the Hawaiian shirt offers you an alternative, by wearing one you can embrace the on coming summer without having the make a total twat of yourself.

Secondly, all these guys rock a Hawaiian.

Need I say more…

Gallery-Hawaiian-shirts-A-001       christian-slater-warner-brothers-true-romance-535411

Al Pacino in Scarface                                                      Christian Slater in True Romance


Magnum PI tom selleck   Raising_Arizona

Tom Sellack in Magnum P.I.                        Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona



James Franco in Springbreakers


And here are just a few of the ones I have in store for you. They are all £15 and are all awesome.

IMG_2584 IMG_2585 IMG_2573 IMG_2574 IMG_2576 IMG_2577 IMG_2579 IMG_2580 IMG_2581 IMG_2583


London’s Hidden Shopping Streets: Bellenden Road




Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 11.57.29


Great article on Bellenden Road with a lovely bit about Threads, check it out on

Saturday and Sunday SALE RAIL


Florence in Florence

Florence Welch was front row at the Kenzo show in Florence yesterday looking stunning in a Diana Von Frustenberg dress bought from Threads.

She rocks a maxi dress like no other…what a lady!


Florence Welch


Florence Welch


Florence Welch, Delfina Delettrez Fendi and Leonetta Fendi

To see more images click here



Annex - Leigh, Janet (Psycho)_01



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Baby it’s cold outside.

IT IS COLD, really cold. Every conversation I have had today has involved the cold weather in some way or another, there is no escaping it. Except with the postman, with him I made the same joke I have been making for the past year “hope you have something more exciting than bills for me today hahahaha”. He hates me.

So anyway let me help you brave the cold by wrapping you up in a nice woolly jumper. There is nothing better. But don’t be boring and buy a plain wool jumper form somewhere like Gap….because lets face it no one is as in to this guy


As this guy ….I mean, he provided most of our childhoods with more excitement than any other fictional character we were duped into believing in by those beckons of “honesty and trust” known as, our parents.


And wouldn’t you rather be in a David Lynch series like Twin Peaks ….


Than a rom com like The Holiday.


So follow Santa and Lucy Moran’s lead and buy something more unusual, fun and festive.

Here is what I have in store for you that would make them proud.

All the Jumpers are 100% wool

IMG_2235 IMG_2238

Wool Jumper £24,   1960’s wool jumper £28

IMG_2233  IMG_2240

Ski Jumper £30, Wool Jumper £26

IMG_2239  IMG_2231

Pendelton Wool Jumper £30, 1960’s Wool  jumper £30


1970’s wool jumper £28

Not forgetting the littles ones

IMG_2246    IMG_2245

1970’s wool cardigan £20, wool jumper £12

I will leave you today with the perfect song to finish off a cold winters day…


Events in December

The Christmas season is here and we have lots going on. Here is a little bit about the events we are holding and markets we are taking part in over the month of December. Hopefully you can join us for some, if not all, of them!

As well as these events we will be opening on Tuesday 4th, 11th and 18th December 11am-6pm, to help you get all that important Christmas shopping done before the 25th!!!

We are having a stall at Pexmas market at The Dye House on Nutbrook Street, Peckham. Our stall will be full of festive bits and pieces from wool Christmas jumpers to crochet throws to cuff links and fur hats. It will be the perfect place to get your Christmas presents for every member of the family.



The whole of Bellenden Road want to get you excited and ready for Christmas with our annual Christmas Bonanza from 4pm-9pm. Threads will be staying open till 7pm and giving away mince pies to every customer, we will then re-open at 8pm for an intimate gig with A Band of Buriers. Bring a cushion and a bottle of something delicious for you to enjoy while you finish off you festive Thursday, watching a wonderful folk band from south east London.
Please RVSP to as there will be limited seating available.


We are overjoyed to once again be having a stall at The Sunday Sale, this time taking place at The Bear Freehouse, Camberwell. If you missed the last one do not fear this Christmas Sale is set to be the best so far!!!
Click here to find more info on who else will have stalls and what events will be taking place during the course of the day.


We will also be having stalls outside the front of the shop on selected weekends selling bits for Christmas from books to Jewellery, please keep an eye on our facebook page, Vintage Threads Peckham, for more details.