It’s raining on me



It’s raining and I think it  may NEVER stop.


Missy Elliott said it best…


Gene Kelly knew how to deal with it best….


And The Weather Girls where wildly optimistic….


I think realistically the best way to deal with the rain is to stay dry.

Here is how I can help you with that.

1970’s Reversible Ski Jacket £36


1960’s Reversible Ski Jacket £38



1960’s Ski Jacket £38, Vintage Jacket £28



1960’s Orange Checked Raincoat £70, 1970’s Trench £67


Womens Vintage Burberry Trench £80



1960’s London Fog Raincoat with Cord Cuffs £75, 1970s Mens Trench £70



Vintage Mens  Aquascutum Trench £85, Vintage Mens Burberry Trench £82


Vintage Army Coat £70


I am going to leave you with the best song ever written about rain and the worst  joke ever written about rain.


Q: Why did the man use ketchup in the rain?

A: Because it was raining cats and hot dogs.