SAY YES… the Hawaiian shirt

At £15 you can’t really say no, can you? If you think you can then let me explain why every man needs a Hawaiian shirt in his wardrobe.

Firstly, spring has FINALLY arrived and if you are an English male you are soon going to get the overwhelming desire to take your shirt off while walking down Rye Lane drinking a Red Stripe, even though it still hasn’t got much hotter than a Spanish winter. But the Hawaiian shirt offers you an alternative, by wearing one you can embrace the on coming summer without having the make a total twat of yourself.

Secondly, all these guys rock a Hawaiian.

Need I say more…

Gallery-Hawaiian-shirts-A-001       christian-slater-warner-brothers-true-romance-535411

Al Pacino in Scarface                                                      Christian Slater in True Romance


Magnum PI tom selleck   Raising_Arizona

Tom Sellack in Magnum P.I.                        Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona



James Franco in Springbreakers


And here are just a few of the ones I have in store for you. They are all £15 and are all awesome.

IMG_2584 IMG_2585 IMG_2573 IMG_2574 IMG_2576 IMG_2577 IMG_2579 IMG_2580 IMG_2581 IMG_2583


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